SZ: On the Boards.


March / April 2019

This issue features a new masonry product Watershed Block; introduce SZ/s number's guru Kim Benjamin; celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with the opening of AfroFuturism presented in partnership with PICHA an African online stock photography website; travel to Palm Springs to tour an environmentally sustainable ranch home; lavish in a photographic journey of Suzanne's recent visit to French Polynesia.

January / February 2019

This issue features a spotlight on Shou-Sugi-Ban (traditional Japanese technique of charring wood), Lara's take on Construction Management, paintings by Debra Van Tuinen, Love Birds by Mehdi Ghanbeigy, and an inspirational note on pursuing simplicity & authenticity. 

November / December 2018

This issue features the news of Marc Vassallo's book, our new-found love of Heath Tile, a spotlight on Persian Artists, Monir & Mehdi Ghanbeigy, a Q&A with our Master Craftsman, Christo Doko, and an inspirational note on pursuing happy accidents.

September/October 2018

This issue features Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the Design-Build process, a spotlight on Mercer Island artist Lucia Neagu, a Q&A with our Development Coordinator Shannon Carver, and the inspirational building challenge of Passive House. 

July/August 2018

This issue features the design behind our Seattle home remodel, our first SZ Blitz Build, a spotlight on Deborah Kapoor and TENACIOUS, a Q&A with our architectural intern Shakiba Ahmadi, and the reasons we're inspired by Solarize Mercer Island. 

May/June 2018 

This issue features a behind-the-scenes look into the design and permit process for the Niedermans' lakefront home on Mercer Island, our recent trip to Portland, Oregon for the AIA Portland Homes Tour, a Q&A with Erin Milan (our new featured artist), an interview with SZ's Lara Tedrow, and a spotlight on Sylca Designs. 

March/April 2018

This issue features two video interviews: a Q&A with atelierjones' Founder and Principal Architect Susan Jones and a microMICA Moment with Suzanne and Keith. We also have a special piece reflecting on SZ's two-year (Cotton) anniversary, along with a feature on SZ Gallery's April and May artists (Laura Castellanos, Juan Carlos Castellanos, and Robert Wood). Our Moment of Inspiration was the announcement of the world's tallest rammed earth structure made with SIREWALL in Islamabad, Pakistan.

January/February 2018

This issue features an interview with Seattle interior designer Gary Henderson and a piece on our January/February featured artist, Gitte Peters. We also shared updates on the Stazione25 project (along with the KIRO 7 News footage) and we previewed the brand identity of Rêve Development. This issue's Moment of Inspiration was from Suzanne's trip to Sayulita, Mexico. 

November 2017 

This issue features our perspective on Case Study Houses and Low Impact Development techniques. We also share an insightful interview with Heidi Durham of Art with Heart on their brand refreshment, as well as how inspired we are by the Women Business Owners' Nellie Award recipients. Monir & Mehdi Ghanbeigy were the featured artists at SZ Gallery for November and December. 

October 2017 

This issue features our office remodel for Coppei Partners, photos from Juliana Kang Robinson's opening reception and the grand opening of Caruccio's, and our upcoming featured artists from Iran. We also have a new Q&A Column on the blog called "Ask SZ."

September 2017

This issue features our design project with Meteorcomm, build updates on Caruccio's, our September/October featured artist Juliana Kang, and an interview with Laurent Bourscheidt of L+B Design. Our moment of inspiration was the Seattle Art Fair in August, which inspired us to think about the role of art in today's world.

August 2017

This issue explores the project lifecycle of Caruccio's and Suzanne's involvement in each phase of the process, from the conception of Lisa Caruccio's dream to building the space and the brand identity. Our moment of inspiration is our top 5 inspirational creators from art, architecture, and design.

July 2017

This issue features an announcement of Suzanne's appointment as a Design Commissioner for Mercer Island, an interview with construction manager Ed Bom, a feature on State Senator Lisa Wellman, announcement of the Stazione25 brand, and our moment of inspiration from our fundraiser with Gratitude Sailing NW.