Rêve Development

Rêve is the French word for “dream,” and our aim is to attract investors who dream of exciting opportunities in property development. With our combined background in real estate law, design, construction and property development, Rêve’s team handles complexities with ease to ensure that these dreams can become a reality.


Suzanne has joined forces with real estate attorneys, Michael D. Ross & Rob B. Spitzer, to form the Seattle-based group, Rêve Development, LLC. As they initially explored branding ideas for their new venture, they began to hone in on shared values and ambitions. The concept of building a portfolio of meaningful developments that make a difference, socially, economically, and environmentally, began to rise to the top of their priorities. Rêve's name stems from their courage to think differently, their drive to persevere through challenges, and the desire to make a positive impact within the communities they so gratefully serve.

Advocate & Representative


Connecting the dots.

Not sure how to integrate your marketing strategies into your built environment?

Unsure of how to optimize the use of your square-footage?

Scouting for the best possible real estate in this hot market?

Need help navigating the complexities of lease negotiations?

Too busy to coordinate the multiple disciplines involved in your build-out?

Suzanne Zahr offers well-rounded expertise as your advocate, keeping your best interests at heart every step of the way. Her ability to speak the various languages of the design/build industry allows her to thoughtfully translate your vision into reality. Her calm, cool & collected approach ensures a collaborative outcome.