10.04.19 - 11.25.19
Art Opening & Artist’s Reception: Friday, October 4, 5-8pm
Art & Wine: Friday, November 1, 5-8pm

Michelle Williams | Minimalist Porcelain Vessels

Michelle Williams is a Seattle-based ceramic artist.  Working exclusively in wheel-thrown porcelain, she makes minimalist vessels, drawing inspiration from her prior experience as a curator of 20th century art and interior designer. Her work is often shown in groups, and can be read as built landscapes or anthropomorphic ceramic communities. Despite the visual simplicity of her work, her process is intricate and quite labor intensive, employing multiple rounds of firing, sanding, and smoothing to achieve a finished surface that invites touch and physical engagement.


Catherine McMillan |Stoneware & Porcelain Donuts

About donuts…

Each starting as a lump of clay, this donut series was motivated by the allure of covering a large area with the repetition of a simple, almost universally recognizable object, each with its own intricacies and flaws.

Donuts consist entirely of clay, underglaze, and glaze. Each one is hand-thrown on a pottery wheel, followed by 1 week of drying time in a humidity-controlled room.  Each piece is detailed by hand and fired twice at over 1200°C.

Every piece is unique and made with love.