Monir & Mehdi Ghanbeigy

11.03.2017 - 12.31.2017
Opening Reception - First Friday November 3rd
Second Reception - First Friday, December 1st
5:00 - 8:00PM

‘Persian Garden’ is an exhibit that tells culturally rich stories of Persian culture through contemporary and classically-influenced pieces. Monir and Mehdi Ghanbeigy from Iran have created multimedia artwork together since 1970, combining Mehdi’s detailed work with Persian miniatures and painting, Monir’s background in ceramics and pottery, and their mutual love and appreciation for the history of Persian art.

‘Persian Garden’ showcases a variety of Mehdi and Monir’s collaborative pieces: plates inspired by historical Iranian ceramics, large ceramic panels with modernized miniatures in gold and platinum foil, sculptures of oxen and horses inspired by ancient cave drawings, and unique vases fired in temperatures up to 2500°F heat. Handcrafting their own clay, glaze, and even their kilns all from scratch, their ceramic pieces have a distinct quality that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.