STEM = Opportunity

Did you know that most of our public school students have no formal exposure to engineering / architecture?

Today's youth, especially in under-served communities, do not know what engineers or architects do. They typically do not see how such professions are relevant to their everyday lives & communities, and therefore deem such career options as inaccessible or undesirable. A primary root cause is that our elementary teachers are not given the training and support they need to teach such subjects. By the time most students reach middle school, despite having little to no exposure to engineering / architecture, describe a lack of interest in such subjects.

SZ is teaming up with Washington STEM in support of  Engineering Fellows - an exciting new (soon-to-be launched)  program in which engineers and teachers work together to develop and facilitate real-world challenges for 4th - 6th graders in South King County to solve. 

STEM = opportunity. STEM isn’t just for scientists and engineers. From Puget Sound to Yakima valley, Washington’s economy is rooted in STEM. It’s simple: in the 21st century, STEM opens doors for every student to succeed. 

We’re facing a STEM shortage. In the past ten years, STEM jobs have grown three times faster than non-STEM jobs. Yet too few of our students see STEM’s power or possibilities. 

It’s time to shift STEM into high gear. Right now, we have an unprecedented window of opportunity to reimagine STEM education. Our kids can’t wait and neither can our state. But together, we can change the game.